Behold the Lamb!

The Story of the Moravian Church of the 1700s

by Peter Hoover

If you have heard of Moravians-persecuted Christians that fled to Germany in the early 1700s-you most likely know of their prayer meeting that lasted one hundred years, their missions to Greenland, to the native Americans, to Suriname, the Virgin Islands, or India's Malabar Coast. But quite likely you heard less, or nothing, of the story behind those wonders of faith and perseverance. Through everything the Moravians accomplished around the world shines an infinitely greater wonder-that of the Lamb of God for sinners slain. Perhaps, through reading this book, you may catch glimpses of that "greater wonder" and find yourself inspired to live and do like they did in our time.

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My hope is that the publication of this book on the Internet (beginning in September 2005) will encourage you to follow Christ in all you do. Please let me know what you think of this book and if it has been helpful. Other comments or suggestions are also welcomed.  Thank you!

You can now find an Amazon link at the bottom of this page where you can purchase a much improved version of the book [294 page paperback]:
Behold The Lamb
The history, life and dream of the Moravian Church. A radical community-based design for the local church and foreign missions.
"Our Lamb has conquered, let us follow him!"
How did a small Christian community in East Germany cover four continents with the message of the Kingdom of God in less than 14 years after their famous communion service of August 13, 1727? Bear in mind the conditions of the time in which they lived:
* No modern transportation
* No modern communication, internet, email, cell phones, or even a developed postal system
* No hospitals or antibiotics
* No mission boards, "furloughs", or even "full time missionaries"!
In this book, Peter Hoover lifts up the origin, life, and dream of the 18th century Moravian church as a measuring rod to help gauge our modern spirituality today.

Christian Communal Fellowship Meeting was held on August 22-25 2013 at Auspitz (Hustopeče) in southern Moravia, Czech Republic where three (Anabaptist, Hutterite) communities took shape in the 1530s. This is about two hundred years before 1727 but is very much related!

Delaware Indian Tribe acquires property near to Lawrence, Kansas in bid to 'Return to Kansas' according to 24 July 2013 article.  It is interesting to read about Moravian Missionaries and how the Cherokee Mission began in 1801 in Springplace, Georgia.  New Springplace was opened in Oklahoma in 1842 and you can read more about that hereNew! On 11 Nov. 2015 I visited the Moravian cemetery (and the springhouse where the spring is still flowing) which you can read about here.
Account of Indians in the Ohio Valley (same account also here)

Here are three messages by Peter Hoover that provide a nice introduction to his book:
Community Awakening (6 MB mp3)
Go Set Them Free (7 MB mp3)
What We Have Lost (4 MB mp3)

The Moravians had around-the-clock prayer that lasted for over 100 years.  Their sacrifice in that and with their lives accomplished amazing things in the Lord's Kingdom.  Below are quotes from two chapters:

Quote below from

By the time Christian Oldendorp came to St. Thomas in 1768, seventy-nine Pilgrims sent out from Herrnhut had lost their lives in the West Indies. But for every one that died there were sixty baptised converts. Within fifty years nearly nine thousand African slaves, only on St. Thomas, had found their way into the Saviour’s Gemeine. And this was only the beginning.

Quote below from

In 1833 the British government—against all opposition of the planters—voted to set the slaves free. Five years later, on the stroke of midnight, August 1, 1838, when the act went into effect, three hundred and twelve thousand slaves, only on the island of Jamaica, prepared to celebrate. Thousands of them baptised believers, clothed in white, gathered at their chapels shouting, “If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed,” and praising God.

That same night, hundreds of thousands more in Barbados, Demerara, Berbice, and other British islands celebrated the end of their slavery. But nowhere did the brothers feel more deeply grateful than on the dry island of Antigua, lit up that night with the almost continual flashes of a great thunderstorm. Of the thirty thousand free men and women rejoicing in the rain, almost all belonged to the Saviour’s Gemeine.

Visit the book page for three complete online books (by Peter Hoover) as well as information on two other books (by David W. Bercot) that are highly recommended.

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